Short Korte Film

Short Korte Film
A tasty program of shorts from the Netherlands’ vibrant film industry, shown outside in the courtyard on our giant screen. The selection includes a darkly humorous animation (Oblomov's Cat), a macabre faux-documentary about surgical implants run amok (Metelosis Maligna), and a heartbreaking auto-revenge fantasy that will blow your mind.
The following films will be shown:
Contact (2006), director Janro Smitsman, producer Uswater Films, 8:53
Swim (2005), director/producer Sil van der Woerd, 5 minutes
Notice (2004), director Roelof van den Bergh, 2 minutes
The Capacious Memory (2006), director Michael Dudok de Wit, producer CineTe, 10:15
Dummy (2006), director Diederik van Rooijen, producer Family Affair Films, 10 minutes
Pizza di Mario (2004), director Saskia Pouw, producer HKU, 3 minutes
Tibbar (2004), director Leo Wentink, producer Tsunami Film, 12 minutes
Dilemma (2005), director Boris Paval Conen, producer 24fps features, 10 minutes
Ostrako (2005), director/producer Hans Muller, 4:30
Oblomov's Cat (2006), director: Hans Richter, producer Cineventura Animation, 12 minutes
Metalosis Maligna (2006), director/producer Floris Kaayk, 7:26
Sad Dog (2005), director Ckoe, producer il Luster Productions, 2:12.





June 29, 2007

9:00 PM