Nanine Linning 

Cry Love
The title Cry Love refers to a scene from Bacon, the last performance by Nanine Linning for which she drew her inspiration from the work of the painter Francis Bacon. It concerned a duet in which she showed the polarity of love and its ending, which are very close to each other and yet do not touch. It was this duet that prompted the new performance.
Cry Love is about the person whose body is driven by instinct, moods and emotions. Cry Love is presented as a total experience. An extraordinary and energetic marriage of different disciplines – video by Erik Lint/Roger Muskee, music by Jacob ter Veldhuis in a installation designed by Linning herself. A dynamic, concentrated spectacle is created in which the survival mechanisms and human interactions are portrayed. The multidisciplinary project Cry Love of Nanine Linning is another step forward in her successful career.

About Nanine Linning

Nanine Linning (1977) is regarded as one of the most successful Dutch choreographers around today. She has created over 30 pieces so far. From 2001 until 2005 she was appointed as “house choreographer” at Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, a large modern dance company, to create her ensemble works for large stages. She also successfully worked (and works now) as a freelance choreographer with her own company ‘Nanine Linning’. In March 2005 she, together with her company, created the hugely successful and cutting-edge piece Bacon, inspired by the paintings of Francis Bacon. In the year 2000 she was nominated for the Dutch Culture Prize. In August 2002 she received the ‘Perspektief Prize’ for her whole oeuvre. In 2003 she received the ‘Phillip Morris Arts Prize’ for her whole oeuvre. For Bacon she received the Swan price ‘Best Dance Production 2004-2005 of the Netherlands’.

Concept en choreography: Nanine Linning
Music: Jacob ter Veldhuis
Video: Erik Lint/ Roger Muskee
Dance: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich, Sébastien Mari, Marijn Roelofsen and Nanine Linning
Dramaturgy: Peggy Olislaegers
Costumes: Petra Finke
Technical production: Richard Bron, Cathelijne Roos
Management and publicity: Lewis productions
70 min

NRC Handelsblad, The Netherlands:
'Linning’s sense of the aesthetic is given substance.'

Spits, The Netherlands:
'…. impressive in the contemporary way in which she mixes dance with film, lighting and scenery.'

Trouw, The Netherlands:
'Cry Love’ grates between pain and beauty – just like real life.’


August 11, 2007

8:00 P.M.

  Photos by Antoinette Mooy