Micha Klein
Micha Klein
Micha Klein graduated from the Amsterdam Rietveld Academy in 1989 as the first artist to receive a BA in computer-graphics, and since 1989 Klein has become an accomplished artist. He has held exhibitions to display his monumental photo-panels, which utilize diverse digital techniques and styles, at galleries and museums worldwide. His digital "paintings" draw attention with their bright colors and smooth surfaces. However, beneath this exterior a unique world with references to art history and pop culture is projected. In 2000 a show at the Mary Boone Gallery in New York kick-started his career in the United States. Rapper Eminem went on tour using Klein's notorious character Pillman in specially made background projections. Micha Klein has been at the forefront of the VJ movement since 1988. It was at this time that he introduced his rhythmic editing of computer graphics and video images at warehouse parties, pioneering live VJ'ing as we know it now. He brought the concept to Ibiza in 1997 with a residency in Pacha and has done gigs all over the world, from WMF (Berlin) to Twilo (New York) to Vertigo (Jakarta). In the Netherlands he won the LSDA Best VJ Award for 2 years in a row, and the Gouden Kabouter award for Best VJ for 3 consecutive years - both of these prizes are awarded by the Dutch audience. During AVIT UK October 2003 Klein was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the international VJ scene.



June 15, 2007

9:30 PM