Dutch Cinema

In Dutch: Highlights of Dutch Cinema

Keetje Tippel. (1975, 104 min.)
Date - July 14
Time - 2:00 pm

Paul Verhoeven, most successful of all Dutch directors, mounts the Netherlands' most lavish historical recreation ever, following a young girl (Monique van der Ven as the title character) as she comes to Amsterdam from the countryside with her large and impoverished family in 1881, and makes her way into society, high and low, exploiting her beauty and free spirit.
Character. (Karakter.) (1997, 114 min.)
Date - July 21, 2007
Time - 2:00 pm

Set in Rotterdam in the years after 1900, this Oscar-winning oedipal drama directed by Mike van Diem is adapted from a classic Dutch novel, with a dour but distinctly Dickensian flavor, telling the story of a bailiff father and his lawyer son, severely estranged but locked in life and death struggle.
Twin Sisters. (De Tweeling.) (2002, 137 min.)
Date - July 28, 2007
Time - 2:00 pm

Two young girls are abruptly separated at their father's funeral in 1926, and follow different fates when one goes to a well-off family in Holland and the other to a hardscabble farm in Germany. Three pairs of actresses effectively portray their respective passages through World War II, the Cold War, and beyond -- based on a Dutch bestseller, and Oscar-nominated.
Antonia's Line. (1995, 102 min.)
Date - August 4, 2007
Time - 2:00 pm

This Oscar-winning dramatic film from Marleen Gorris became an international hit and something of a feminist rallying point. In her 80s and at the point of death, Antonia reflects on her life, frankly and in flashback, from World War II onward, telling about the generations of women she raised and sheltered on a communal farm in rural Holland.
The Vanishing. (Spoorloos.) (1988, 106 min.)
Date - August 11, 2007
Time - 2:00 pm

This chilling psychological mystery was perversely remade in Hollywood by director George Sluizer, but the original remains a revelation, one of the most authentically scary horror films ever made, and no doubt the quietest. A young Dutch couple is headed for vacation in France, when she disappears at a rest stop, and he is haunted by her fate thereafter, until he meets the sinister character who holds the key of knowledge.
Simon. (2004, 102 min.)
Date - August 18, 2007
Time - 2:00 pm

Sex and drugs, gay marriage and legal euthanasia, this free-spirited Dutch tragicomedy from Eddy Terstall has it all. Simon is the straight but crooked friend of the gay dentist narrator, and the film follows their friendship in swift and funny fashion, from its heyday in swinging Amsterdam to its surprisingly wise and moving conclusion.
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July 19, 21,28, 2007
August 4, 11, 18, 2007


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